Campus X and the student housing niche

The company has created university residences already active in Rome, Bari and Chieti, then it will be the turn of Florence and then Turin, Naples and Milan.

A phenomenon in progressive expansion, with the advantage of having the business of Campus X, the company that deals with investments in university residences, was born from a niche of unexplored potential. “It’s a new space in Italy – says Ernesto Albanese, a.d. of Campus X – with 40 thousand beds in university residences against 50 thousand in the Netherlands, 350 thousand in France and Germany and 600 thousand in England “.

In the last 2-3 years the request for this type of hospitality has become more urgent, in fact many owners are using their apartments for the b & b activity and no longer accept the students.

The value of this “product” within the real estate sector is growing “and will have even more impetus in the future – Albanese points out – given that residences often arise from a second life of buildings – offices or schools – undergoing transformation”. On the value of the investment, the manager explains that you do not need to think in square meters but in beds: “It is a business that is built on single rooms – he comments – and is worth 40-50 thousand euros per bed, with a profitability of around 5%) . It also has its own special feature that differs from the tourism segment because it is an acyclic activity that bases its roots on annual contracts “.

Rome, Bari and Chieti the already active structures, and from next year will be added Florence. “Our – adds Albanese – is an all-inclusive formula that excludes only the meal. The apartments have a common kitchen or a kitchenette for mini-apartments and there is a restaurant in the facilities “. Many services included: lounges, games rooms, swimming pools, even transfers to the campuses when the logistics requires them. The next projects will then concern cities such as Turin, Naples and Milan.

The activities of Albanese, a past in tourism between Eurofly and Atahotels, also concern design support for hotel properties. “We follow a hotel in Milan, formerly Una Hotel in via Tocqueville, which is being restructured because it is undergoing strong growth with an expected investment of 6 million euros. We are also looking at other hotels, with targeted investments for products that have potential. The goal is to reposition and relaunch the structures “. l.d.


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